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Truck Company

Operating Ladder 813 & Rescue 812

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Truck Company: Meet the Team

Meet the Truck Officers

Robby New.png

Robert Batterson


Soukas New.png

Johnny Soukas


Truck Company: Meet the Team
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Truck Company Members

Captain Robert Batterson

Lieutenant Johnny Soukas 

Ex-Chief Thomas Delaporte
Ex-Chief Joseph Fabrizio
Ex-Chief Steven Jones
Ex-Chief Christopher Siciliano
Ex-Chief Nicholas Siciliano

Ex-Captain James Igoe

Ex-Captain Chris Carlin

FF Richard Abbott
FF Dominic Conte
FF Jonathan Dietz
FF Charles Dullea
FF Peter Frey
FF Carl Lachance
FF Philip Lima
FF James Reichman
FF John Signorile

Truck Company: About
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